Huwebes, Setyembre 29, 2011

My Learnings in CSBC01

           ..Hi.. its Thursday morning..
          Last September 22, our instructor Mr. Rey Beria, discuss us about Home Tab. What is Home Tab, and the diffirent parts, and functions of it. He told us to make a personal data sheet, Laboratory card, Ideal document, and etc.. Our instructor discuss and  teach us how to create our own blog. He explain the steps one by one. 
            He told to make our own blog about what is the lesson we learned that he discuss last Thursday. For me the lesson that I have learned for what he discuss is all about Home Tab and how to make a blog. It is very hard to learned but when you have a determination, you can make it very well. And our final project is were going to make our power point presentation about our autobiograhy.
 My instructor one's told me that not only students have learning's but also they learn from us. Its been so pleasure for me that my parents sent me to school and told me that I  should study hard and crave for what we call 'a success in life'. Not only a success but all the treasured moments and things that I will never forget.,

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