Lunes, Oktubre 24, 2011

My learning in CSBC01

Hi....... Madlang people its another na naman.......
 September 29 its  the deadline of our activity in CSBC01. But where not done of the activitiy so we make it faster but we have no time to make it.So our instracto Mr  Beria give us a time to make it he told us after he discuss he will give us a time to done with our activity. He discuss about how to make power point he also give the step. He example of power point he also give on how to design a power point how to insert picture in power point and how to blog the power point. After he discuss he told us that were going to make our own power point and were going to blog it to him.After that he us time to done with our activity so we proceed to our activity to done it.After we done with our activity sir Beria check it after he check he dismiss the class and thats all for that day.....!
After the class we go the carenderiaan to our lunch.......!       

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