Martes, Oktubre 25, 2011

Parts of the computers and its functions

             We also known that the computers is a system because it is made up of parts where each has an assigned function to do get it works together as one together with the others parts. One of the basic example of this part are the monitor this part displays the informations such as texts, numbers, and graphics. Keyboard the keyboard used to enter the data to the computer by typing or pressing its key. Mouse this part use to enter the data into the computer by clicking its buttons. Printer use to produces the print-out of the data done in the computer.
            And the last is the speaker; speaker use to produces the sounds or music from the computer. This parts    
are have a major rule in the computers did not function. But aside from these parts, there are still other devices that can be attached to the computer to enchance more its capabilities.....!

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