Lunes, Oktubre 24, 2011

Knowledge I Gathered in CSCBC01

 Its October 6, we meet again.....!
          That day our instructor discuss about the Microsoft Excel.   Microsoft Excel can perform calculation,
analize information ,and visualize data in spreadsheet by using  this Microsoft. We make a activity using that    
Microsoft. Our instructor teach us on how to make formula. In this  I learn to make a formula and the parts of the Microsoft Excel for example  the "name box" , "formula box" in this box you can see the word that type in a cell. The cell is the box in a working area that you write the word for your activities.
     This Microsoft Excel can help us because  we will be able to make our daily activity  through this Microsoft  Excel.Its so very difficult to learn this lesson but with the help of our instructor it can make easy to us learn that lesson. As what our instructor said that "Grade is just only a number the imfortant is the lesson you have learned...! that's all thank you God bless us every one.....! 

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