Martes, Oktubre 25, 2011


Now a days there are many teachnology that are developed and one of the example of this is the computer.
What is computer..? that's the questions that comes to our mind.As what I have learned in CSBC01 computer is
a programmble  machine that's accepts input process it and produces an output.Computer is very useful why..?
because computer helps us in many ways like in the field of educations, medicine,communications and in the business. In the field of the educations computer helps us to reaserch computer also help our instructor to aided
instructions,discussions to make better learnings to the students. In the field of medicine computer give the most important rule because now a days many doctors in the hospitals use computers to help them dianose the illness of the patients. In communications computers helps by sending and receiving emails and one of the example of this is sending a blog.......!
            The persons who make a program was called a computer programmer.....!

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